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In this instance, a company within the refinery field need its employees to be safely secured and tied-off on an external job site. As much of the work being done was on piping and trucks, there were no physical anchor points available to properly harness a worker to. Many of the platforms and elevated levels on which the employees were working were no more than five or six feet, however, that doesn't mean...

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A government body was posed with an anchoring and safety issue as it was required that the employees be able to clean up and remove toxic waste and contaminated water in the safest way possible. The job required the solution to be indoors, and maneuverability around certain obstacles within the confines of the location. LIFLINE was approached with the issue and the process began with...

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This particular issue, posed in the chemical and energy field, required a solution beyond fall protection and personal restraint. This particular job required employees to be suspended while lowered underground, in a confined space, to complete their work. As required by OSHA regulations, not only was a permit required for the confined space work but also the necessity for...

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Unfortunately, workplace incidents, injuries, and possibly even fatalities are a very real threat to workers and the companies for whom they are employed. Incidents can have long-term and long-reaching effects emotionally, physically, and financially for those involved. As much research and data shows, the large majority of workplace incidents can be prevented. This is why LIFLINE is here to help.

With countless years in the construction and safety fields, the minds behind LIFLINE have conceived a line of products and services to accommodate any job, or location's preventative safety needs. Due to each piece of equipment being made in the USA and certified by a third-party engineer, clients can take comfort in the fact that the equipment being used to protect worker lives and company assets is of the highest possible quality.

LIFLINE is proud to offer safety solutions ranging from mobile full-sized fall protection units, to removable and reusable anchor points, safety course training and certifications, and everything is always designed to exceed OSHA and ANSI compliance standards.

The most successful workday is one in which everyone makes it home, happy and healthy, when the clock has been punched. LIFLINE and its fall protection solutions seek to ensure this every day.

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